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Taking into account the impact of sport in our society, soccer specifically, we provide support at all levels to perform different kind of soccer tournaments. Sometimes promoted directly by Be On Soccer and others in partnership with companies, brands or respective promoters, we usually take part in the technical management of each one.


As one of our premium services, the organization of tournaments includes management, advice, promotion and production of all the needed aspects to run the best soccer events. We usually take care of the event design, infrastructures arrangement, logistics, technical support, ticketing, relationships with local government institutions, and teams participation management. 


From the beginning of the organization to the end of the soccer tournament, we try to run a sustainable sport event with positive impact for the community where the championship takes place. Our aim is always to generate a successful sport environment at the headquarters, giving to all the participants a unique soccer experience to compete, discover new things and enjoy leisure time.


Our international youth tournaments that take place in different locations around Spain, provide young talented soccer players from all over the world the opportunity to play with local and other internationals teams and players.


Boys U12 | Girls U14

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COMPANIES tournaments

Every year, we organize international tournaments in different locations around Spain with the aim of provide young talented soccer players from all over the world, the opportunity to play with local teams and players and other internationals too.

COMPANIES tournaments