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A customized team travel provided by BOS is a journey into the heart of European soccer. Our purpose is to create value for your team through our pursuit of unique solutions to your soccer challenges, to realize your soccer potential efficiently and intelligently.


Our tailor made team travels are based on modern soccer methods and knowledge to ensure that players and coaches return home with insights and experiences that lift their performance to the next level.


All the travel experiences are based in planned itineraries that are always be co-created by BOS staff and the group leader or customer. 


The team travels for players are adressed to any soccer team that is eager to offer its players a new experience in which they will be taken out from their confort zone and challenged to level up. Our team travels are built with the goal of giving these players an opportunity to enjoy their mates, training and game in a different context that facilitates both, the individual and team growth, as well as the learning of different soccer philosophies.

And which is our secret formula?


Our team travels are prepared to bring your team into the next level, taking care of all the group needs in a new social and cultural environment. We take care of you not being stressed out of planning by handling flights, hotels, land transportation, training and games. Our mission is to provide a safe, efficient and unforgettable experience for parents, players and coaches.  

All the travel experiences are based in planned itineraries that are always co-created by Be On Soccer and the customer, in order to find the services and activities that best suits the needs and desires of the team. You tell us what you want and how you want it, we, from our part, advise you and prepare the best proposal for such an unfogettable experience.

These are some of the basic services we may include:


– Selected accommodation in full board

– Travel Insurance

– 24/7 attendance

– Training sessions, friendly games, access to youth academy training sessions and games, etc.

– Other activities: professional soccer stadium and museums visits, live professional games and other leisure activities

Education as a key tool for DEVELOPMENT

The team travels for coaches are created to give the opportunity to the stuff of Academies, Clubs or Associations to live an experience abroad in which the main goal is learning new techniques that are applied in their own teams afterwards. We know that the development of players depend on their skills and abilities to learn and challenge themselves everyday; however, we cannot forget that coaches are an essential part to help them reach their goals.

What does it bring to the Academy, Club or Association?


The seminars that will provide innovative soccer training methodologies, it is an opportunity for professional preparation and advancement for the soccer coach. The seminars addresses the essential topics for all coaching levels. Our seminars will provide an inside look at the daily life of a youth academy player. 

They are personalized and customized programs in high performance environments in collaboration with experienced coaches and professional experts from top clubs or soccer federations, specifically oriented towards coaches to favor their soccer performance development and learning.

– Selected accommodation in full board

– Travel Insurance

– 24/7 attendance

– Professional lectures with high profle soccer coaches

– Other activities: Professional soccer stadium and museums visits, live professional games and other leisure activities


From — to — 2019.

During this great soccer tournament, there will be an endless number of basque culture complementary activities that will make you enjoy it even more.

From — to — 2019.

The spring break make sense to non stop taking part at Cullera International Cup. A U16 international soccer tournament that is run in the beautiful city of Cullera – located near Valencia city, in the mediterranean coast.

From — to — 2019.

At the beginning of the summer in July, the Donosti Cup takes place in the beautiful city of San Sebastian  – located at the Bay of Biscay, in the North of Spain. This tournament started in 1992 with 32 teams from 3 different countries. Now, after 28 editions, more than 5,000 teams from all continents have participated. It has become the largest international soccer tournament in Spain and the fourth largest in Europe.

The tournament is opened to boys and girls in 12 different categories. It is played on excellent turf and grass fields all over the region, with national and international official referees, a minimum of 4 matches per team and medical assistance in the fields.

From — to — 2019.

MICFootball is a youth soccer tournament celebrated in Costa Brava since 2001, with some of the world’s major clubs and national teams. The tournament is open to boys and girls from 9 different categories.

On the Easter week of 2019, there will be a new edition of MICFootbal with over 7000 participants and 250.000 spectators. This tournament is celebrated during 5 intense days, with over 370 teams from the 5 continents and 50 different nationalities, more than 900 games and 50 fields located all over Costa Brava.  

From — to — 2019.

During the month of June, at the end of the season, the warm and charming town of Villarreal comes alive to for the thrilling this tournament in a weekend full of pure soccer and emotions.

This youth soccer tournament has an impressive list of teams from all over Spain and other countries, who meet for 4 days to share experiences that will not ever be forgotten. Teams from the 5 continents can enjoy in Benicassim city.