The Why Talks conference is an event organized by Taze Baez in which BOS took part talking about respect and values in the sports world.

Be On Soccer, Wats, Omnisclub and Jone (former Athletic club player), were the leading characters of this meeting called “The other plays”. The name of this event refers to the change that socceris experiencing these days in terms of values and respect. As Lander Iraragorri (Wats) rightly said, “coaches are one of the main references of children who play soccer, both on and off the field, so it is crucial to educate in values.

In fact, we had the pleasure of listening to Jone talking about the change that has taken place in women’s soccerin recent years. Although women’s soccer have achieved some recognition, there is still much to be done so that more women are able to live professionally from soccer. Moreover, in these times we have been able to observe that soccer is not only a well-known sport but also the favorite videogame of many kids. That is the reason why Alex Robleño (Omnisclub) told us about the tool they use to educate in values while children are playing their videogames. Their strategy is to reward those who have a good attitude towards other players. Finally, Borja (Be On Soccer) talked about respect and the importance of learning from different people and cultures.


Soccer is one of the most important pillars of our culture. Soccer fills stadiums with people and streets with fans and therefore, it is crucial to live and play soccer with respect.Be on Soccer