A team travel with Be On Soccer is a journey into the heart of Spanish soccer where, in addition to having a focus on sports development, socio-cultural activities are also carried out in order to learn beyond the field.

Through our team travel program we provide the opportunity for clubs around the world to live a unique experience where your teams can develop their performance and accomplish their soccer challenges efficiently and intelligently.

If you are part of a soccer team and are looking for experiences that take your performance to the next level, we have the solution that suits your needs.

Participating in a quality tournament is more than just a series of competitive games. It is an intensive course in team building, sports psychology, strategy, tactics, emotional intelligence and soccer performance. On top of all that it is an inspiring and life changing opportunity to form international soccer friendships.

In addition to training and competing we believe that players and coaches benefit as much from observation as participation. Witnessing the best do what they do inspires, informs and stimulates soccer thinking on another level. As such, we have a portfolio of value adding activities that will help you gain a deeper understanding of both the city you visit and its relationship with the beautiful game.

After a careful evaluation process, we have designed a portfolio of Spanish tournament experiences that can fit teams with different levels and ambitions

  • Donosti Cup
  • MIC
  • Valencia Soccer Cup
  • Oviedo Cup
  • Cádiz 

Spain’s La Liga is the modern game’s technical and performance benchmark and we have relationships with those who drive Spanish soccer thinking and philosophy. Our La Liga partners are fully briefed on our client’s needs prior to their arrival in order to apply technical soccer excellence to individual soccer challenges. At world class facilities you will have access to the ideas that drive the games’ best on a daily basis.

A BOS soccer experience in Spain is designed to stimulate soccer brains and inspire soccer souls. The Spanish soccer renaissance came with the 2008 and 2010 European Championship Wins and the South African World Cup of 2010.

However, inside the Spanish game are a number of regional interpretations, all looking to gain a competitive edge. That is why we count with innovative facilities in every strategic soccer hub in Spain for your team:

  • Bilbao
  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Valencia
  • Sevilla

The results that teams must obtain do not only lay on players’ performance but on what and how their coaches plan, transmit and carry out their strategies too and that is not only learnt on the pitch.

We believe ferociously that soccer is synonymous with life and that culture feeds soccer success just as much as intellect. There are many intangible factors that contribute to success on the pitch that defy explanation and investigating them is one of the joys of travelling with soccer.

A true soccer brain requires the only true ‘wide screen’, being at a game and seeing everything that makes it beautiful. Likewise watching professional teams train is an invaluable experience that offers coaches a window into not only what teams do at training but how they do it. Our football stadium and museum tours as well as workshops with experts are an intriguing opportunity to understand the club culture of La Liga giants.

  • Zona norte
  • Zona centro
  • Zona mediterráneo