Do you imagine yourself training and playing soccer in a foreign country?

The soccer internship program offered by BOS gives players and coaches the chance to learn and play soccer introducing them into a new life and sports environment.

As a pioneer world-class soccer program, it welcomes in Spain participants from all over the world for a period of time, where they can live a unique experience to grow both personal and professionally.

Wherever you want, as long as you please. In BOS you choose.

In his/her first soccer trip to a foreign country, your son/daughter will enjoy trainings, classes and all the activities organized in our secure internship junior programs. As well as meeting new friends from other parts of the globe, in this biweekly programs he/she will have the opportunity to realize personalized trainings, full immersion in a local soccer club or spanish lessons, among other activities. In all these activities and the program as a whole, he/she will be accompanied by experienced and specialized instructors.

A unique experience in which the player will improve his/her soccer skills while enjoying a new adventure in a foreign country and in which he/she will feel part of a top team.


A combination of soccer training and academic studies to acquire a complete experience with this senior internship program that can last between fifteen days and ten months (school year). Based on the concrete needs and reality of each player, this program is customized to become the experience you are looking for. You will have the opportunity, among other possible activities, to immerse yourself in a local soccer club, have personalized trainings or spanish lessons to acquire greater fluidity and adaptability.

For this reason, we count with innovative installations in every strategic soccer spots for this soccer experience in Spain.

Stand out in such a competitive environment and become a more versatile and valuable professional: enjoy our pro internship program for coaches that will give you the opportunity to improve your training skills, learn new techniques and find new strategies to apply in your team. This internship program is pioneering statewide due to its exclusive approach to coaches from all over the world who have the goal and desire to live a unique experience and in which he/she will be accompanied by soccer professionals that will help him/her access training with experts, tickets to professional games or real practice as a support coach.

Our emphasis is focused on your professional goals with which you will improve your soccer skills in the most effective way.