At Be On Soccer we share the passion you have about the game. Soccer is more than part of our jobs  – it’s in our hearts, in our blood. We also know the role soccer plays in so many people’s lives and communities around the world. For that reason, whether you are a player, a coach, a team or a Club we are here to help you reach your goals.


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We organize high-level training camps that provide professional soccer teams with the best preparation opportunities. We offer a range of competitive options for a high-performance training before the beginning of the season or during the league breaks.

We offer Intensive training camps designed to give professional soccer teams high performance training opportunities. We offer a range of competitive options for preparation during the winter breaks or the beginning of the new soccer seasons.

We run soccer tournaments offering opportunities to play to teams at different levels. Each event provides a chance to combine soccer, culture and fun around the location where the tournament is based, with special attention on sportsmanship and respect.

We work as game organizers and also as intermediaries between clubs interested in organizing a friendly soccer game. Our network of partners in Spain and around the world, combined with market knowledge, allows us to hold competitive and successful games at all levels.


bos soccer be on soccer

Weekly or monthly developmental programs in high-performance environments that are specifically oriented towards players to favor their soccer performance, development and new learnings in a foreign country.

We focus on providing customized and planned soccer itineraries for international teams. We enjoy not only planning the soccer experience but the other details that will facilitate an immersion into a new social and cultural environment in destinations of Spain or the UK.

In partnership with well-known clubs or professional players, we arrange high quality, innovative and specific training sessions. Through these experiences, players can improve their technical and tactical abilities led by some of the best coaches and instructors.


Players, coaches, teams and organizations choose BOS as they trust in our effective management team. We work collaboratively to perform the best activities that will develop the player’s skills, improve their knowledge and have the chance to live new unique experiences. Our daily activities primarily involve overseeing the current trends and demands in the field, cooperating with key stakeholders to help our clients, and contributing to new ideas and the evolution of soccer.